For the cocktail enthusiast.

Enjoy these classics, these riffs, and these completely improvised drinks–all with a dash of boardgaming inspiration.

The Paper Plane

Cold drink for the Cold War .75 ounce Ky Bourbon (a splash more depending on threat level) .75 ounce Aperol .75 ounce Amaro .5 ounce lemon juice Combine everything in a mixing glass with ice and stir, strain into a glass and garnish with your burned passport shaped like a paper plane. The Paper Plane […]

Boardgames With A Bourbon Back

A Brief Boardgaming & Cocktail Primer While William Faulkner famously quipped that “civilization starts with distillation,” he easily could have added boardgames to the beginnings of the ‘modern’ world. Games like Senet and Backgammon go back thousands of years, and picturing ancient cultures thoughtfully analyzing moves and pawns with a libation close at hand isn’t […]

The Viscount

Manhattan-like with some bitter corruption and sweet purity 2 ounces Old Forester rye 1/4 ounce Averna amaro 1/4 ounce Cocchi sweet vermouth dash of orange bitters Add everything to a mixing glass. Stir all ingredients in a rondel-like circular motion with heavy ice. Strain into a glass and serve up with a twist of orange […]

The Pack Mule

Tiki-stylings with rye and wine 1.5 ounces rye whiskey 2 ounces red wine 1.5 ounces pineapple juice .75 ounces falernum 1 ounce orange juice Heavy dashes Angostura & Tiki bitters Combine all ingredients in a shaking tin with copious amounts of ice. Shake vigorously like you are rolling dice for good luck. Strain into your […]

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